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Want to show the world your favorite car? This is the place to do it. Send us a photo of your car, along with details – your name, city and state, etc – and we’ll post it here.


            It probably won’t stay here forever – we expect a number of you will want to see your cars here – but we’ll post as many as we can for as long as we can.




Extremely happy with lights...wholly endorse ... hope to see you on the road sometime... THANKS Bob 

Jim & Sue,


I am the winner of the e-light that you so generously donated to the MTFCA National Tour in San Diego.  You are to be commended for supporting the old car hobby both in the development of this much needed product and for supporting the clubs by making this donation.  It has taken me a while, but I have installed the e-lights on my 1926 Model T touring.


Thank you,

Bob's beautiful 1926 Model T Roadster. The car has wire wheels so he was able to tie wrap the light unit directly to the spokes of the spare tire. 
Gert and Joyce are the proud owners of a 1926 Model T Roadster Pickup

A Beautiful 1924 Ford Model TT owned and loved by Crandall from Colorado.  His Grandfather was the original owner.


Robert next to his beautiful 1932 Oakland.

Look who else likes e-Lights....

Jim... These turn signals

are a DUSEY.   Jay

Jim....These Turn Signals are a Dusey     Jay

All the Best from Holland!

This beauty belongs to Jon from the great state of Lousiana.

What a Beauty!

These Beauties are soon to be equipped with eLights.