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Forest Green T-shirts

S, L, XL  $12.00

To Old Cars and New Friends
Extra Extra Large $14.00
Maroon T-shirts

S, M, XL  $12.00

The Egypt Garage
Extra Extra Large $14.00

Looking for a great gift... 2 pint glasses and a Growler...$20 plus $12 shipping.

Growler Set


We are in the process of adding all our products to the shopping cart... If you see something that you would like to purchase and you are not able to purchase on line... Give us a call at the Garage  
(585) 598-6060 or email and we will be gladly take and ship your order!
Click on photo to see our jewelry collection...
Click on photo to see our jewelry collection...
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Bracket 001

001 Comes with each order of e-lights. Some people order second one for 2nd car.

Bracket 004
004 For smaller plates like a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or as a generic screw mount.
Bracket 003
003 Made to fit a military jeep or other vehicle.  It is painted CARC green.
Bracket 002B
002B The universal mount - some people screw to the under body, will hold on spare tire w/1 lug through the large  hole.
Bracket 008
008 Made to strap on to a spare tire or whatever - includes 2 Velcro straps.    Great for a Model A.
Bracket 006
006 Side mounts to a standard or old plate - moves towards center.

New Products Coming Soon! 

Check this page regularly to learn about new products from The Egypt Garage.


What’s Next? Hint: Ethanol giving your old car fits? Watch this space. We’re working hard on a way to minimize the effects of ethanol on those grumpy old carburetors!


Ethanol vs Non-Ethanol Gas
Take a look at the picture below:

On the left side of the picture is a clear bottle with old ethanol gas.  If only you could smell it.  On right is brand new non-ethanol gas.  The smell test between the two tells the story.  Any questions?