We have been collecting cars and stuff for a long time. I was 13 when I displaced my mothers car in the garage with a 1934 plymouth 4 door sedan. when I was almost 15 I displaced her other parking space in the garage with another 1934 Plymouth four door sedan. This one was black, the other was red. Had to give up the garage when I got out of high school so I traded the 2 plymouths for a nice 1950 Plymouth 4 door deluxe sedan which was black. I had that car until about five years ago. In the time between then and now, a few changes have been made. Once dad got his 1920 Davis four door phaeton in the late 70’s, we’ve become a home for some fun cars. We try to drive them all as much as we car. Egypt Garage has become a place where many people come to enjoy the old car thing.
It seems to me that this is contagious. Look what we did to some of our friends. The door is open. Life is good.
Thanks Dad!
Jim Sr. proudly displaying e-Lights on his Durant.

Jim Sr. is the senior member of THE EGYPT GARAGE team.  A wonderful man who keeps us on our toes.  He is the man who taught his son Jim a love for old cars, and Jim in turn introduced that love to those around him.

A VERY Proud new Model T owner.

Say hello to Marty and Tillie.  Marty is the strapping, young (well...kinda young) gentleman casually leaning against the newest member of the family.  She is a 1915 Model T that goes by the name of Tillie.