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The Egypt Garage is a group of people who share a common interest in – you guessed it! – cars! Old cars. New cars. Sports cars. Street cars. Family cars. Odd-ball cars. Collectible cars. Not-so-collectible cars. Fire engines. Ambulances. Trucks. Golf carts. Daily drivers and nearly-priceless antiques.

    The common denominator here is cars. We love ‘em all. We buy ‘em. We sell ‘em. We collect ‘em. We wax ‘em. We work on ‘em. We try to make ‘em run better, more reliably. And more safely.

     We’re engineers and wanna-be engineers. Creative types. College profs. Managers. Worker bees. And everything in-between.

      And if it’s got anything to do with cars, we’re probably interested in it. Sometimes we come up with good ideas that we’re pretty sure other car nuts would be interested in – the Elights is a good example – so we put our heads together, create a product and sell it. Sometimes a bunch of us will go to a car show to just enjoy cars, our own, someone else’s, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes we just convene at the Garage, work on our cars or one someone has brought in.

      So if you’re in the neighborhood of Egypt NY, just outside Rochester, and you have a few minutes, we’d love to meet you. And your car. Give us a call to make sure we’re here….we might be in someone else’s garage. If we’re in, stop by. Show off your car and brag a little about it. Maybe we can take some pics of it and put it up on our website so everyone can enjoy it. Or maybe you can just send us a pic and we’ll post it. Maybe we’ll meet you at a show or an auction or a driving event. Maybe you can’t get here or ever meet us in person. That’s OK too, it’s a pretty big country. Check out our Discussion/Forum page.  Join the discussion. We don’t know what’s being talked about, exactly. But it has something to do with cars, we’re pretty sure of that. Jump in.

      And the next time you see your special car, give it a big hug for us. We’ll do the same with ours.

Jim Davis Sr. hard at work

helping a customer.

The Quality Control Department

Every where we go we like to have a great time... check out our latest race... click below

We are members of the following car clubs...

Amphicar, VMCCA, HCCA, AACA, Jeepster, HCCA Rochester, MTCFI, HVA, Snappers, MVPA Military, HETCLUB.org, Fabulous Flivvers, and MTFCA.

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